A stout Dwarf


PiperPiper is a dwarf that hires people from around Sythien to capture adventurers and forces them to fight in the Stormfury Arena. He most recently made the grievous mistake by captuering Deezyl, Brickers, Axel and Zanvar and forced them to fight in the area. Much to his luck the heroes won their fights but ultimately slayed Piper when he tried to collect his earnings.


Piper was an older dwarf who has traveled around all of Sythien. He was experienced in combat, haggling and also slavery. He was very much a slaver but would never admit it. He’s grown to become a very wealthy dwarf but suffering a quick death at the hands of a few slaves that had escaped his capture. Died in the Stormfury Arena leaving behind a massive fortune back at his home.


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